Everyone has seen claims by other cleaners that claim “all-natural” or “biodegradable” or “eco-friendly”. Some just say they are “green” and hope that you will just take their word for it.
We here at ROOTS come from the chemical industry. In fact, we have well over 40 years in chemicals and chemical distribution. We are intimately aware of how dangerous many of the products that go into competitor products are & the deceptive tactics used by them & their petro-chemical ingredient manufacturers use to get you to believe these claims.
We are here to tell you the truth.

Rubbing alcohol is not safe, it is not good. Acetone is not safe, it is not good.

The fact is, those and most other products in these tar & resin removers have their origins in crude oil and have ingredients that are actually by-products from the manufacture of gasoline & other petro-chemical products. Rubbing alcohol manufacture is a complex process that creates both liquid and gaseous waste to the tune of millions of tons per year.
Rubbing alcohol itself is toxic, an air pollution-causing VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) that literally kills living organisms. This is why they swab your skin with it before giving you a shot at the doctor’s office…that swab kills any germs on the surface to eliminate risk of infection.

There are, however, safe and eco-friendly alternatives out there that do work as well or better than their petro-based counterparts. This is where our experience in chemicals is invaluable. It is also why we were able to come up with a truly all-natural alternative to products that are merely rubbing alcohol with some dye (another petro-chemical agent) and so much salt that it can no longer go into solution. In the chemical world, we call this exaggerated addition of an unnecessary ingredient a “filler”.

This added salt (cheap filler) takes up space so you will get fewer uses per bottle. It adds to the weight to make it feel like you’re getting more when you’re actually getting less. It presents a false perception that a mechanical action is needed to aid in cleaning when it is not needed at all. It just makes you have to buy more of their product more often which increases their sales and profit margin by selling you what you don’t need.

With ROOTS Eco Tonic, the product does all the work with a little help from a warm water rinse. That’s all you need with ROOTS. No gimmicks, no petro-chemicals made from crude oil. No toxic, flammable, carcinogenic poison.

Everything in ROOTS is made from something with roots. It is literally 100% plant-based ingredients. When you see our pictogram, it is a perfect summarization of our product and we are very proud of it.

Whereas rubbing alcohol, acetone and most other main ingredients in other tar/resin cleaners are 100% VOC, Roots is less than 1%. Our product meets every environmental standard in the world.
Most main ingredients of products for this purpose are highly flammable. ROOTS has a flash point well over 200°F. On a Safety Data Sheet, we would not be considered flammable.
We use no dyes in our product & we certainly don’t use unnecessary fillers to take up space in our bottles. Our product is good enough, we don’t need them. Try it and you will see for yourself.

Even our packaging is far superior to those on the market. We use a far higher quality, DOMESTICALLY-SOURCED bottle with a chemical-grade, leak-proof cap. The product most know best in this space has a cap sourced from China that leaks upon shaking which is especially annoying since it must be shaken before using to get all the salt off the bottom.
All of our ingredients are Made in the USA by the best in the business. We may not be able to match our “competitors” prices but that’s because we’re not using the cheapest products available…quite the opposite, we are using the best there is on the market.

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All of our labels are printed domestically. All of our logos, graphics, video and artwork are done by local artists – extremely talented local artists in my opinion.

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The key to everything is patience.
You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it.
~Arnold H. Glasow

Roots Eco Tonic Tar Remover Solution