Wow.. this solution is just that!  A SOLUTION to a huge problem I had.  I used to have to replace my ceramic nail every week or two and this cleaner extends the life of my nails by a huge amount.  That saves me a ton of money at $20+ a pop.  ROOTS is well worth the investment, trust me!

Jackson A. User type: Dabs on glass nail Boston, MA July 9, 2015

How it Works

A BIG thanks for your interest in ROOTS Eco Tonic Tar and Resin Remover! Allow us to share with you our own experience with using our ROOTS Eco Tonic on all types of pieces.  We label each bottle with these general instructions.  

  1.  Soak glass, ceramic, or metal with ROOTS Eco Tonic for 2 minutes.
  2. Reserve used solution to use after warm water rinse.
  3. Repeat as needed. Use ROOTS Eco Tonic regularly for best results.
  4. Optional: 1) Salt can be added safely to our product and will add a mechanical cleaning component to hard to reach areas.

*Notice: Not for use on plastics, rubber or silicones.

We believe in simple instructions, but we realize that there are questions that may arise that aren’t addressed by the basic instructions.  This short video should answer most questions pertaining to how to use ROOTS Eco Tonic.  We hope this helps but please contact us at info@rootsecotonic if you have any questions.  



For pieces with reservoirs, simply add ROOTS Eco Tonic to reservoir where water would normally go, add a tablespoon of salt (optional; see NOTE below to learn more), seal off openings and gently roll product around or lightly shake for 2 minutes.  These pieces usually only need one application as the deposits aren’t as baked on as non-reservoir pieces.  Again, always finish with a very warm water rinse.

NOTE:  For extra-stubborn deposits or those that need a nudge but cannot be reached, we suggest adding 1-2 tablespoons of salt in with ROOTS Eco Tonic solution.  Salt does not dissolve in our product and may give it that little mechanical action sometimes needed to get the really stubborn spots clean.  This is usually only necessary for pieces that haven’t been cleaned for a long time and/or have been left to sit so the tar cures into a rock-like substance.

For more information, please read “Tips for using ROOTS Eco Tonic” in our blog section.

We hope you enjoy our product! If you have an alternate way to use your ROOTS Eco Tonic Tar and Resin Remover, please share it with your fellow ROOTS Eco Tonic family at

Here is a list of Q&A’s to further inquiries that may arise:



Q: How does it work?



A:  ROOTS Eco Tonic is made from solvents derived from natural, renewable resources…plants! It works by bonding with the molecules that make up the tar & resin buildup on nonporous surfaces such as glass, metal and ceramics and break their bond to the surface of the affected piece.

Q: How long does it take?

A:  Depending on the thickness and age of the tar and resin, cleaning time can be anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes, plus rinse time. It depends on how badly neglected the piece is.

Q: What factors determine how long it will take to clean my piece?


A: We have found the most determining factors include 1) how thick the tar buildup is and 2) how long it has been on the affected surface. For severely neglected pieces or ones that have been put in a drawer and forgotten, it tends to take a couple applications of ROOTS Eco Tonic to remove what we refer to as “petrified” buildup completely.



Q: What makes ROOTS Eco Tonic better than other products on the market?


A: Unlike any other product available, ROOTS Eco Tonic is totally free of any hydrocarbon products – or those derived from the refining of crude oil. This includes but not limited to, isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol), acetone, ethyl acetate and methanol. ROOTS Eco Tonic has an extremely low VOC content (volatile organic compounds) of less than 1%. Other products on the market are as high as 100% VOC. Rubbing alcohol is 100% VOC. These products contain known carcinogens (cancer causers), are flammable and are extremely bad for the environment, as well as your personal health if any residue is left on your piece when you go to use it.

In addition, where many other products include salt to aide in cleaning (sometimes as much as half the bottle), ROOTS Eco Tonic does not. We do not waste space on cheap fillers, like undissolved salt, to aid in the cleaning process.  This allows for far more uses per bottle with ROOTS Eco Tonic than most products available. If you would like to add table salt, which is safe in our product and most likely sitting on your counter, go for it!




Q: What do you mean by ‘environmentally friendly’?



A: Every ingredient in ROOTS Eco Tonic comes from things with roots. There are no harsh, dangerous and toxic chemicals like rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) come from the distillation and refining of crude oil. We have thought long and hard about being as environmentally conscious as possible throughout the process of developing our product.


Q: ROOTS is more expensive – why the premium?

A: It’s NOT more expensive when you consider how many uses per bottle you get with ROOTS Eco Tonic compared to other products on the market. Depending on the size of your usual piece you can get up to 10 cleanings per 16 oz. bottle – far more than any other product on the market.  ROOTS Eco Tonic is so efficient due to the ingredients it contains.  We only work with the very highest measured manufacturing companies leading in green chemistry in the United States.


Q: Are there any materials that ROOTS Eco Tonic shouldn’t be used on?


A:  ROOTS Eco Tonic is not recommended to be used on plastics, acrylics or anything that has rubber gaskets or fittings. While ROOTS Eco Tonic will not immediately eat these materials, over time it will degrade them and we’d hate to be responsible for damaging your favorite piece.