ROOTS Eco Tonic’s mission is to efficiently produce and deliver the most environmentally safe,

fastest working and economical cleaner for glass, metal and ceramic surfaces coated with tar and resin…



The Beginning 

The creators of ROOTS Eco Tonic are a brother-sister tandem who grew up on a farm with their two brothers and parents. Their father, who was an Iowa farm kid himself, cultivated corn, soybeans and wheat.  They had apple and walnut trees and the family always had a large garden they enjoyed year round due to their mothers love of canning.  They grew up farm to table before “farm to table” became the movement it is today.

The Interim

In their 20’s both Creators joined large chemical companies that bought and sold petrochemicals and preservatives that go into every facet of our lives.  They quickly learned the negative effects of those chemicals in our daily lives and the environment. Happily, they found in the early 2000’s that the best American chemical manufacturing companies, whose products they sold, started to develop forward-thinking alternatives to the most commonly used, cheap petrochemical products used every day by everyone. Maybe these companies saw the trend to “go green” and wanted to capture market share or maybe they knew the planet could not sustain the consumption of petrochemicals like isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol), acetone, mineral spirits, n-methyl pyrrolidone (NMP) and naphtha at the pace it had been using them. Regardless of their motives, their work produced offerings of plant-based products that actually outperform their petrochemical counterparts with much success. However, these alternatives were more expensive due to the technology involved in making them. With that said, these innovative products were not supported by the big name formulators of most of the products people buy. Disillusioned and unhappy they were contributing to a problem much greater than themselves, the ROOTS Eco Tonic creators left their respective positions in 2013.


Away from the industry for the next few years, the creators lived their lives spending more time with their families, friends, peers and making new acquaintances. But things had changed among their loved ones. They had grown to become lawyers, stay at home dads and mom’s, CPA’s, farmers, truck drivers, sales people, doctors, lawn care crew leaders, teachers and cashiers and many of them surprisingly to the creators enjoyed cannabis.  Some to decompress from the busy day, some to have fun without the negative effects of alcohol, some for anxiety and some others for pain. Even more surprisingly in talking with them, they found they smoked out of clogged, dirty and odorous pieces. Their options were either not environmentally responsible or did not work well. In most cases, they just didn’t clean them at all. The idea for ROOTS Eco Tonic was born, now the top eco-friendly pipe cleaner on the market.


After a year of testing dozens of formulas, the creators found the combination of an all-natural, inherently bio-degradable, non-toxic, 99% non VOC and safe solution for people and the planet that works better and faster than anything else on the market. They are very proud of their product and stand behind every bottle.


“The Earth does not belong to us, we belong to the Earth” – Chief Seattle